Monday, September 9, 2013

Sticky Password Pro - Full Keygen

Kamu punya banyak account dengan password yang berbeda-beda? sering lupa passwordnya atau malas mengetik manual karena takut ketahuan? Software inilah yang kamu butuhkan. Sticky Password Pro - Full Keygen adalah software yang bisa mengamankan semua password kamu, software ini juga bisa menulis otomatis password kamu, jadi tidak perlu repot mengetik sendiri.

Screenshoot :

  • Fill Out Forms Instantly
    Sticky Password completes even the longest forms for you - automatically. No need to register every time you shop or download – once you’ve stored your information in the password manager, you can recall it instantly on any device whenever you need it.
    • Sticky Password also protects you from keyloggers and other malware that "listens" to your keyboard. If you're not typing the information into the form, no-one can steal that information. It's a powerful addition to your identity theft protection arsenal.
  • Log In Automatically
    With all that you do online, it’s a challenge to create and remember passwords for your favorite sites and apps – whether it be email, social networks, shopping, banking, magazines and other subscriptions, or school and community groups.
    • With Sticky Password, one click logs you into any of your favorite sites and applications. The software recognizes your password-protected destinations, logging you in automatically. It's integrated directly into your browser, so it’s convenient and secure!
  • Only One Password to Remember
    Your master password is the only one you need to remember - Sticky Password does the rest. If you have passwords set up already, just import them when you install the software. And whenever you need a new password, Sticky Password creates one for you - automatically.
    • Plus, you can organize your passwords in whatever way works best for you. No more hunting around to find the right password for a particular site - it's all right there at your fingertips (and hidden from prying eyes for your protection).
  • Unbeatable Security
    Sticky Password creates the strongest possible passwords and stores them behind multiple layers of protection. Your password manager database is encrypted with powerful encryption algorithms, including military-grade AES encryption.
    • The automatic login and form filling ensure keyloggers can't hijack your passwords or other confidential information. Our bullet-proof- security design keeps your information secure.

  • Server: r3ndywenru (Server Maintenance)
    • | 14 MB
    • | 277 kB
      • Note: 1 License = 1 Tahun, terdapat 16 License, berarti kamu bisa menggunakan Sticky Password sampai 16 Tahun.
  • Server: TusFiles
    • | 14 MB
    • | 277 kB
      • Note: 1 License = 1 Tahun, terdapat 16 License, berarti kamu bisa menggunakan Sticky Password sampai 16 Tahun.

  1. Buka Sticky Password(jika baru pertama kali akan dimintai memasukan password utama)
  2. Klik Tulisan Go Pro
  3. Klik Get Pro
  4. Masukkan License
  5. Enjoy


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