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Harvest Moon - A Wonderfull Life (PS2)

Harvest Moon - A Wonderfull Life (PS2) adalah game dari Natsume yang dikhususkan untuk pengguna konsole PlayStation 2. Sebelumnya game ini juga digunakan untuk platform nintendo. Seiring perjalanan jalan, kita tidak diwajibkan memiliki konsol PS untuk memainkan game PS. Dengan menggunakan Emulator, semua menjadi mudah!


The Beginning

In this chapter, lasting a year, the player begins in their house at 5 AM. They are now in control of the game, and start with a cow, a milker, two records, two tomato seeds, and 3000G. The player must marry in this chapter.

Happy Birthday

In this chapter, lasting two years, the player has a son whose personality depends on his mother. The player will have an extra room, a kitchen and dining room, and will also gain a refrigerator and two bathrooms. The player may receive a cat from Romana, and their toddler can be picked up and played with. The dig site and house get bigger. Some characters' appearance has changed and new people move in. Van now sells toys and a goat, which may only be purchased in spring for 4000G. The Seed Maker may be obtained from Daryl if it had not been purchased in the first chapter, and Tartan may be acquired. Ducks may show up at the player's farm starting in this chapter if a pond is owned. Galen has moved, and now lives in a shack on hill beside Vesta's farm. His wife, Nina, died of natural causes; her grave is beside Vesta's farm.

This chapter was renamed to "A Birth" in Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life Special Edition.

Happy Harvesting

In this chapter, lasting three years, the player's son has grown into a seven- or eight-year-old. Hugh and Lumina's appearance have changed again and the player's house has expanded. The player's son's future career may be swayed by befriending villagers with similar careers.

Happy Farm Life

In this chapter, lasting two years, the player's son is a teenager and wants to be independent. The player has aged, as have most people in the valley. The player's son's career cannot be changed now without confusing him. The ruins have grown even larger, so you can dig a lot and make a good profit.

To The Journey

In this chapter, lasting one year, the player's son is now a young adult, and their wife has aged. His actions mirror the player's from Year One, such as harvesting and looking for a spouse. The ruins are even bigger. There is no possible way for the player's son's career choice to be changed now.

The Twilight

In this chapter, the player and other villagers have aged. Some have died, and the player's son is now certain of his career, and can no longer be swayed. The game ends with the player's death and Takakura thinking to their father about how Forget-Me-Not Valley fares after the player's death.

Heaven Chapter

The heaven chapter can only be played in Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life Special Edition. In this chapter, the player may play at any pace or chapter they wish. The player gets their wife and son back, along with your money, animals, and crops.

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