Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Toon Boom Studio 6.0 Full Crack | Aplikasi Untuk Membuat Animasi

oon Boom Studio 6.0 Full Crack. Silahkan aja langsung di cek,,

Toon Boom Studio is the best 2D animation software to learn and create animation with. Ideal for students and hobbyists looking for an easy-to-use animation program, excellent for teachers and educational institutions, Studio makes all animation techniques accessible to users, offering them the most creative and rewarding experience.
  • Create content in multiple ways: draw digitally, scan-in paper drawings, capture live images or import existing artwork
  • Apply colours
  • Set camera moves
  • Animate using bones, pegs and animated elements
  • Add audio tracks and lip-sync your animation
  • Publish your animation projects for print, TV, HDTV, the Web, Facebook, YouTube and iPod/iPod touch/iPhone/iPad
Cara aktivasi Toon Boom Studio 6.0 Full Crack :
  1. Install Toon Boom Studio 6.0
  2. Copy file crack yang ada dalam folder crack (TBS.exe"), lalu paste di folder tempat anda menginstall Toon Boom Studio 6.0.
  3. Jalankan Toon Boom Studio 6.0.
  4. Anda akan dihadapkan pada menu aktivasi, pilih aja yang "more options".
  5. Klik "use text license file".
  6. Klik "select license file".
  7. Browse file license.lic yang ada dalam folder crack dalam paket download.
  8. Klik install. Selesai deh,,
NB : Untuk bisa menjalankan Toon Boom Studio 6.0 ini, komputer anda harus sudah terinstall Quick Time.

Password : www.remo-xp.com
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