Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Backlink Booster 1.0

Backlink Booster 1.0 | 3.82 Mb
Backlink Booster™ is a powerful technology that automatically increases the power of the backlinks to your website. It’s both a backlink indexer to get your backlinks indexed faster, and also a backlink booster to help boost the amount of link juice each of your backlinks sends to your website.

You get the following benefits when you use Backlink Booster™ :

Rank Higher in Search Engines
Search engines use backlinks as the primary factor in ranking websites. And high rankings in search results depend upon two things: the overall number of links you have, and the quality of each link.

As a general rule, the more links you have pointing to your website and the more powerful each one of those links is, the higher your site will rank in search results for the keywords used in those backlinks.

Backlink Booster™ increases your backlink indexation rate by getting more of your links indexed by the search engines. Then, it boosts the power of those backlinks so each backlink sends more link juice to your site. Combined, this helps your website dramatically climb up search results for your most valuable keywords.

Get a Flood of Traffic to your Website Every Day
The result of ranking higher in search results is more traffic to your website.
Backlink Booster helps you increase traffic to your websiteThere are more than 10 BILLION searches every month on search engines, and 80% of that traffic goes to the websites ranked on the first page (top 10) of search results.

Even more amazing, 52% of all search engine traffic goes to the website ranked in the first position. That’s a huge amount of targeted and valuable traffic!

Backlink Booster helps you get your website to the top of search results so you get as much of this free and targeted traffic as possible. The result is a steady flood of potential customers to your website every day.

Close More Sales and Generate More Revenues
Backlink Booster helps you increase your sales and revenuesAll of these potential customers visiting your website every day gives you the opportunity to close more sales and generate more profits. You can sell more of your existing products and services, and you can even provide your visitors with new offerings to generate even more income!

The best part is Backlink Booster™ is completely safe to use. Due to Backlink Booster’s ingenious design, your website is never at risk for being penalized by the search engines, so you can sleep easy at night while your website climbs in search results and the traffic to your site surges.


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